Seva Program
Senior School has initiated the Seva Program to inculcate values like sensitivity, humility and empathy in our students. The first initiative was the collection, sorting and sale of used textbooks by our student volunteers. Through initiatives like used book sale students have raised money to buy art material to start our second initiative, the Art initiative at Ankur school, at Okhla. Twenty students have volunteered to teach art techniques to their counterparts on Saturdays. Our third initiative, teaching English skills started in August 2012. Each SBS volunteer is associated with 2 children from the Primary School at Gejha Village, Noida and will evaluate, plan, set goals, help them read and write in English. Our senior school boys have initiated the computer program for 10 boys of Udayan Care Orphanage which involves teaching basic IT skills on Saturdays at SBS, using our computer lab facility.
One vital aspect of SBS Junior School this year has been our Outreach Programme. The main aim is to encourage our students to take part in some form of social service as part of their commitment to SBS values .This is broken in 3 levels:
Service within school-
Older students help younger ones at the beginning of a new academic session, buddy reading programme and managing Prep Time when teachers are engaged in meetings. Didis and bhaiyas of the school joined the staff members in singing patriotic songs on stage for the Independendence Day.
Service within the city:
Students of Grade V will be visiting the Blind School at Lodi Road to sensitize them to human disability and to get an understanding of the challenges faced by the visually impaired on a day to day basis.
Service to one’s country:
  • Students of Nursery, Kindergarten and Grade I made rakhis for our soldiers guarding our borders.
  • Each student from Grade I-V contributed a book/ books to help set up a library, ‘Kitab Ghar’ in AGS Kharpura, Bandipora.
  • 34 computers were contributed by parents of SBS to set up a computer lab in AGS, Kharpura, Bandipora.
  • 6 teachers and their Principal visited SBS in the month of April and August to enhance their teaching skills and improve their teaching-learning.
  • Students and teachers of Primary collected used stationery and books in good condition for little children of nomadic tribes- Bakkharwals and Gujjars of J&K.
Students of Grade IV and V played hosts to 12 students of Army Goodwill School, Bandipora in a joint venture, ‘Dosti’ between the Indian Army and SBS.

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