Ms. Sumita Mukherjee
  Head of Junior School

  Ms. Arti Mathur
  Curriculum Leader
Classes I & II

  Ms. Vineeta Sinha
  Curriculum Leader
Classes III - V

  Ms. Kalyani Prayaga
  (Academic Secretary)
Step by Step Junior school provides each child the chance to discover her strengths and learn within a caring, stimulating and supportive environment. The school seeks to deliver an experience that has at its heart our mission of using education as the strongest force to respect people and cultures for peace, understanding and   a sustainable future.
It equips its students socially, academically, philosophically and morally for their journey through life. SBS believes in educating the ‘whole self’ and not just teaching the curriculum to its students. It pledges to meet the needs of the individual child, nurture her unique learning style and help her acquire skills and knowledge to enjoy a lifetime of discovery and learning.

The learner-centered environment at school acts as a great teacher. It informs and engages the viewer. Classroom interiors have aesthetic displays of project work and are interspersed with arrays of interesting objects collected by the children and learning material. There are clearly designated spaces for large and small-group activities.

A challenging curriculum, extensive community service, a well- developed leadership program and a variety of co-curricular activities are all hallmarks of the kind of education we offer at SBS.

We would like each and every student to grow into a thinking individual, capable of taking responsibility for the choices and decisions she makes as that would determine the quality of life she would lead in future.

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