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The Step By Step School, Noida has grown out of Step by Step Nursery School, a leading preschool in Panchsheel Park New Delhi. Over 20 years our pre school has been synonymous with quality, and is highly regarded as an institution that provides a loving environment where young children are watched over by a committed and nurturing faculty. The school has an excellent student teacher ratio and a creative curriculum which focuses on learning through activity and play.

The Step by Step School takes forward all these hallmarks of quality and builds on them to provide a unique educational opportunity from preschool to school leaving certification. Two years were spent in planning for the school which opened its doors to students in 2008. The senior leadership team of Principal and Heads of School came on board in 2007 and jointly developed a distinctive academic and co curricular program. Architecturally the school is distinctive in the creative educational spaces that were created in consultation with our architects – Arcop. An inclusive school by design SBS Noida has a carefully thought through Special Education Needs program providing opportunities for differently abled children through their lives in school. Presently our school strength stands at 1868, with staff strength at 283 and a student teacher ratio of 1 to 8.

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