Core Beliefs

In fulfilling our mission, we subscribe to the following core beliefs:
man icon That the ultimate goal of education is to cultivate in each student a life long passion for learning.
man icon That each student’s academic potential is most fully realized through a challenging and varied curriculum under pinned with appropriate support.
man icon That students learn best in a respectful, supportive community of trust where each student’s learning needs and abilities are understood and accommodated as fully as possible.
man icon That intellectual growth requires not only the acquisition of knowledge, but its application in analytical, creative and expressive ways that make learning meaningful to the student.
man icon That physical and emotional health is critical to the development of each student's personal potential.
man icon That each student’s life is enriched in a diverse community where differences among people are affirmed and celebrated.
man icon That the school shares with families the responsibility for fostering in each student a strength of character, a sense of personal responsibility and an attitude of tolerance and compassion.
man icon That the development of leadership in each student should include instilling a commitment to use one’s knowledge, skills and resources in the service of others.

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