Academic Leadership Team

Dr. Mahesh Prasad
In his own words Dr. Prasad believes that "education is a life long journey to explore the endless possibilities to understand oneself ". An Alumna of the University of Delhi, Dr. Prasad has a Bachelor's in Physics, and a Masters and Ph.D. in Psychology. With 30 years of experience in education, Dr. Prasad's journey began at Modern School Barakhamba where he taught Physics and went on to create and Head the Department of Psychology and Counseling. Dr. Prasad spent 15 years as a much loved member of Faculty at Modern School before moving to Army Public School Noida as Principal. After a successful 8 year tenure at APS he was appointed Principal of Heritage School Gurgaon where he has been for the last seven years. A passionate educator who believes in inclusive education, Dr. Prasad is deeply interested in theatre, music, sport and technology.

Anita Raina
Head of Senior School
Mrs. Raina joined the SBS founding team in 2007. An alumna of the University of Allahabad she was awarded a gold medal for standing first in her M.A. She also won the U.G.C. Junior Research Fellowship for a PHD program. She has 19 years of teaching experience at both University and Senior School levels. Prior to joining SBS Mrs. Raina was with Somerville School Noida for twelve years where she held several responsibilities including Head of Department Social Sciences and Valued Education and House Mistress. Mrs. Raina works closely with the CBSE, is on various committees as well as being a Head Examiner and Master Trainer. A passionate and creative teacher, she is an avid reader and enjoys the performing arts. She is a talented actor and director, coaches students in debating and enjoys music.

Sumita Mukherjee
Head of Junior School
A member of the Founding team, Mrs. Mukherjee joined SBS in 2007. An alumna of Modern School and Hindu College, Ms. Mukherjee has a Bachelors and Masters in English Honours from Delhi university and over 23 years of experience as an educator in Modern School and Vasant Valley School. During her 16 year tenure at Vasant Valley she was responsible for the academic coordination of the Junior school as well as remedial and enrichment program as well as examinations. Mrs. Mukherjee has authored text books in English, handwriting and Social Studies. Sensitive to children’s needs, Ms. Mukherjee is a creative and committed teacher. Passionate about curriculum development and integrating enquiry into learning she has completed a course from Harvard University. Deeply involved in the arts, she is a talented painter, an accomplished singer with a great love for all that is beautiful and aesthetic.

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