At SBS we believe that our parents are partners in the educational journey of our children. We recognize the vital role that parents play in contributing to children’s success and happiness at school and seek to build strong and supportive partnerships with our parent community. Our Parent School Association is closely involved with school and its programs.
Every parent is a member of the PSA and every class is represented at the PSA Council by two representatives. A core group of nominated Secretaries from Primary, Junior and Senior School work together with the Senior Management team on several school programs. These include the Seva and Environment programs, fund raising for charitable causes, assisting the school with internship opportunities and work experience for senior students. The regular Bake sales and Used Book sales are a huge draw during Open Days and Parents have delighted the teachers with performances during Teacher’s Day. A valuable Parent Volunteer Program for the SEN department supports the school through the year.
The PSA also publishes a bi annual magazine called Step Ahead.

The PSA Constitution’s aims are:
  • To foster an extended and meaningful relationship between the teaching staff, parents and others associated with Step By Step School with a view to furthering the objectives of the Association and bringing about more effective collaboration.
  • To assist the School’s administration and teachers in advancing the education of the students in a wholesome and purposeful manner.
  • To co-operate in all educational or other programs aimed at the integral growth of students.
  • To assist in the provision of such facilities as are not normally provided by the school when called upon.
  • To assist in the raising of finances for Funds for specific causes.
  • To provide professional services, expertise and advice to the School, when requested.
  • To assist in organizing educational, social, recreational and other co-curricular activities in the school for the benefit of students and staff including, in particular, charity shows, exhibitions, fetes, competitions, etc.
  • To publish and issue magazines or other literature, hold seminars, lectures, etc. for the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Association and of education in general.

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